Allegro Venturi Blowers

Allegro Venturi Blowers

There are many blowers available on the market. They differ in type, size, price, purpose usage and so on. Be selective and choose only respected brands.

We recommend you to pay attention to Allegro Venturi Blowers. They are characterized by top quality, durability and reliability. There are metal and plastic Venturi blowers. Both of these high-quality materials will ensure long-lasting performance.

Allegro Venturi blowers utilize compressed air or saturated steam. The items have a list of advantages. They are lightweight and portable, allowing their users to transfer them from one place to another without any effort. The blowers are equipped with handles for more convenience in use. In addition, there are multiple inlet ports.

The devices feature a reliable construction that can withstand rigorous use. In case you are going to use the device in dangerous conditions, there is a static ground connection attached to the inlet housing.

A wide range of applications includes chemical, marine and steel industries, manhole operation, shipyards and many more. The devices can be used in places where poisonous and/or dangerous fumes need to be removed (e.g. welding fumes, smoke, hot air and more).

The items are available in different sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, extra large. It is possible to buy standard and statistically conductive ducting for Allegro Venturi blowers. The ducting is single-ply, retractable and neoprene or PVC coated.

Please note that it is important to read the instruction manual before using the device. Otherwise, it can work incorrectly and/or put your health or even life at risk.

Excellence is a priority for Allegro Industries. Therefore, the company quality tests every item so the products can meet demanding present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements.

Be effective and achieve your goals with Allegro Industries!

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