Allegro Full Face Respirators

We recommend you to pay attention to Allegro Full Face Respirators. The devices are designed to provide you with an excellent performance.

The products line-up includes full mask respirators, full mask supplied air respirators (low/ high pressure), full mask low pressure systems, full mask breathing cold air respirator systems, full mask breathing air blower respirator systems, etc.

Allegro full mask respirators are extra-durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. The items are equipped with a polycarbonate lens that ensures a wide view. It is fog- and scratch-resistant. In addition, these respirators have a hose that can be clipped at the collar.

The company’s full mask supplied air respirators, low pressure, are designed to be used within a wide temperature range. These respirators have a durable polycarbonate lens that can be easily replaced if necessary. The items have a removable hairnet that enhances the level of comfort and fits under a hard hat.

The full mask supplied air respirators, high pressure, are intended to connect to the adjustable flow control valve, personal air cooler or air temperature controller.

Allegro’s full mask low pressure systems are designed to provide 1, 2 or 3 respirator users with a portable air source. It is possible to choose from 1, 2 or 3 full mask supplied air respirators, a 1/4 hp, 3/4 hp or 1-1/2 hp breathing air pumps, and 1 to 3 breathing air hoses (50 or 100 foot). The devices are portable and lightweight, so they can be transferred from one place to another effortlessly.

The company’s full mask breathing cold air respirator systems can hold the shape in various temperature conditions. The devices will provide you with fresh, refrigerated air. They can enhance the users’ productivity and diminish the risks of heart stroke, dehydration and more.

Allegro full mask breathing air blower respirator systems will provide you with a portable air source for 1 or 2 users. The devices enhance the level of users’ safety and comfort.

Allegro Industries cares about the quality of its products. Therefore, every item is tested according to demanding present-day standards. The devices are intended to serve you for a long time.

Protect yourself with Allegro Industries.

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