Allegro Cleaning Wipes

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Most industrial workplaces require eyewear protection, and often, it is not easy to keep those glasses clean.

Allegro Cleaning Wipes are ideal if you want to achieve the best effect. The company’s anti-fog & anti-static eyewear cleaning wipes are great for industrial lens cleaning.

Each wipe is pre-moistened and individually wrapped in a pouch for a long-lasting shelf life + it eliminates the risk of the contamination of a wipe before you use it.

You can choose from various packaging variants, for instance, box, bucket (reusable), etc. A dispenser box with a pull-out tab can be mounted on the wall so the wipes are easy to access when you need them. Get the option that is the most suitable for your workplace.

On Mega Depot, you can get Allegro eyewear cleaning wipes and more.

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