Allegro Axial Blowers

Allegro is at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality products for safety industry. The product line-up includes powerful axial blowers. The air flow goes over the motor and is generated by a blade fan.

There are various models available in Allegro axial blowers product range. For those who are in search of portability, allegro offers small and lightweight equipment. It is possible to choose blowers made of metal or plastic. The corrosion-, ultraviolet- and chemical-resistant materials add to the durability of the construction.

Allegro axial blowers are designed for various purposes. For instance, there are blowers intended for large confined spaces (e.g. paper mills). However, there are also compact blowers that are portable and require less space for storage.

Additionally, Allegro incorporates state-of-the-art technologies into the process of blowers manufacturing. That is why, Allegro axial blowers are convenient in use, they are equipped with in-built carry handles and rubber feet to put the device on different types of surface. Plus, they are powerful yet quiet.

Allegro axial blowers are battery-powered, adding to their portability. The batteries can be easily exchanged if necessary.

The users can choose from an array of models of different sizes and specifications. The blowers are coated in a bright orange color to increase their visibility. Also, Allegro offers axial blowers with extra-durable ducting.

Allegro axial blowers are suitable for fume exhaust, cooling, general ventilation (e.g. garages, warehouses, factories) and more. The blowers are widely used in an array of industries including automotive, electronics, food, medical, mining industries and many more.

All Allegro axial blowers undergo severe tests to meet present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements. The company is committed to quality, so the users get reliable products to serve them for decades.

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