Allegro 2000

Safety is crucial whatever you do. Nowadays, many jobs require workers’ sufficient protection in order to avoid negative consequences. Today’s market offers hundreds of helmets intended for different purposes and varied in types, sizes, colors etc. However, a customer should focus on top-quality items in order to have the best level of protection.

Consider Allegro 2000 Helmets. The Nova 2000 helmets by Allegro Industries are characterized by high-quality and reliability.

The 2000 helmets are equipped with a flow control valve and controller of the air temperature. The helmet shell is made of a strong polyethylene. These helmets reduce the possibility of injuries caused by small falling objects like stones. The workers are also protected from the consequences of bumping into hard objects like pipes, beams etc. The air is distributed evenly throughout the headgear, so you will stay cool and the lens will stay clear. The company has also did a good job on hearing protection of the wearer. The multi-layered foam reduces the strength of noise considerably. These factors are very important for the worker’s health and productivity. The wide angle lens provides the wearer with a wide field of vision.

The items are lightweight and fit properly on the head, allowing to work longer with more comfort. The helmets are easy to use and maintain. It is possible to remove the padding for cleaning without any effort.

Safety is a priority for Allegro. The products are thoroughly checked and quality tested in order to meet demanding present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements. You will receive the headgear that protects you properly.

It is possible to choose from different models including the helmet with nylon cape, breathing tube and one part from the list below:

  • flow control valve;
  • constant flow valve;
  • heater;
  • cooler.

Be protected with Allegro!

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