All You Need To Know About Air Purifying

Breathing in the fresh air is one of those things that are essential for our well-being. Unfortunately, in modern-day life, the areas that enable people to do this are constantly reducing. People struggle against air contamination worldwide, but not every person feels equal to it. Luckily there are places where air quality is within your power – your home, office, worksite, or study room.

Pure air is an overarching priority for allergic people, who are sensitive to certain particles in the air, including pollen, dust mites, mold, etc. Special torture for highly allergic individuals happens at least twice a year – during the spring blooming and in September, during the ragweed attack. Having no problems with the exposure to allergenic particles is considered to be great luck, but even in this case, people should mind the air they inhale, as it affects the lungs, the heart, and other internal organs through blood.

Step One: Clean And Ventilate

The very first factor to affect the indoor air quality is proper cleaning and airing of the rooms. It is highly recommended to do dry and wet cleaning daily to mitigate the dust and dirt settling on the floor, furniture, and other surfaces. Also, it is better to avoid carpets for they tend to accumulate dust, мites, and their waste as well as the pet dander. In addition, take good care of your bed sheets – laundering in hot water (130°F) kills the mites.

Airing the rooms is of great importance as well, especially before going to bed. It helps to freshen and purify the air. But things are not all that simple, for these measures bear a paradoxical effect. The process of cleaning itself and several following hours increase the concentration of allergenic particles in the air that may cause allergy aggravations or even asthma exacerbation. The way out is to entrust cleaning and dusting to those members of your family who do not suffer from allergies, employ a housemaid, or…

Step Two: Get An Air Purifier

Despite it sounds like an excuse, still there are things that are beyond our control and can’t be fought by simple cleaning or dusting. These are small particles, including pet dander, pollen, or mites’ waste products, that float in the air and cause breath disorders. The good news is that these problems can be solved in an easy, modern, and reliable way. The only Medical Grade devices – Austin Air Purifiers – can stand sentinel on your air quality and smooth breathing.


  • home air purifier makes you sleep better, feel more energetic and healthy;
  • air purifier at your work site diminishes the concentration of waste or smoke in the air and increases the working efficiency;
  • air purifier in a study room helps to concentrate on your studies and increases the eagerness to learn.


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Types of Air Purifiers And Their Rating

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers has established the Industry Standard rating system called MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). The given rating systematizes the air filters according to their capacities and characteristics. The chart below will help you to understand the main criteria of classification and choose the best for you.


According to this chart each air purifier, namely its filter, is capable of adsorbing or entrapping particular elements that might be dangerous to health. The system appears to be helpful while deciding on what device will best suit your needs.

For instance, if you belong to a family with allergic members (to particular household allergens) or are just looking for fresh and healthy air, a modern air purifier rated to MERV 1-6 or 7-8 is a nice thing to have at home. Such devices usually possess filters with several stages of purification, ensure better sleep, and reduce the signs and symptoms of breathing disorders. It is suitable for people who are slightly sensitive to airborne particles. This model provides superior removal of lint, dust, and pollen. The freshest air for your well-being with a great cost-efficiency!

In case you work or live in severely contaminated areas (check for the most polluted cities at the American Lung Association) or have a severe allergy to certain particles, a purifier with a higher rating will better meet your needs. The devices rated to 9-11 and 12-13 are capable of cleaning the air in large rooms and also clean the VOCs (volatile organic compounds), including benzene, formaldehyde, and wood smoke. Its filters accomplish the air cleaning in four stages, starting with those particles that can be seen by the naked eyes and others sized 0.3 microns and more. If you are a pet owner and want to maintain a healthy atmosphere and fresh smell at home, have a look at special devices, which are capable of neutralizing harmful, potentially harmful, and harmless, but still annoying particles and odors. A purifying device is an indispensable accessory for health-conscious families who have pets. It facilitates cleaning and removes all the unpleasant odors in your home, leaving it fresh and clean.

The air purifying devices represent a superior way to take care of your and your family members’ health, diminish or relieve the signs of allergy, asthma, or apnoea and just increase the quality of your indoor air. The main rule to remember is to change the filter several times a year (4-6) to obtain the best results and a healthier atmosphere. Get a lungful of fresh air with the Air Purifiers by Austin!

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