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Some people are exposed to hazardous substances in their workplaces (e.g. laboratory workers). Fume hoods are intended to reduce such exposure. Today’s market offers thousands of various devices that differ in type, functions, quality, price, etc. Be selective in order to purchase the item you need. We recommend you to pay attention to Air Science Purair fume hoods. The company has a rich experience of manufacturing top-quality fume hoods.

The Purair Basic Series ductless fume hoods are intended to protect their users and the environment against harmful vapors. The ductless technology has many advantages. It is environmentally friendly, versatile, easy to install and use, energy efficient, cost effective and more. The items feature clear panels, allowing you to see the contents. The models have a reliable construction and are available in metal or polypropylene. A wide range of applications includes pharmaceutics, soldering, veterinary medicine, etc.

The Purair FLOW Series laminar flow cabinets will protect you and your work area from particulate contamination. With the company’s Multiplex HEPA Filtration technology, the items are highly efficient. The FLOW cabinets are compact and do not require much space. You can choose from 3 sizes of items. These laminar flow cabinets are widely used in food microbiology, medicine, pharmaceutics and more.

The Purair PCR Series is designed for non-hazardous applications. They include PCR laboratories, forensics and more. The items feature LED lighting, vertical laminar airflow with HEPA filtration, UV lamp and more. The cabinets are designed so the contamination is eliminated and the HEPA filter can be used for a longer period of time. Purair PCR cabinets are offered in 3 sizes. You can choose from metal or polypropylene construction.

Air Science is committed to quality. The company boasts top-quality items that are designed to be used for a long time. State-of-the-art technologies are incorporated into the process of manufacturing. Air Science Purair fume hoods are extra-durable and reliable. All products meet demanding present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements. The items are easy to use and maintain.

You deserve a safe work environment. Choose quality with Air Science!

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