AgraTronix Moisture Testers for Agriculture

If you are looking for the best moisture testers, keep reading. Why choose AgraTronix moisture meters? Firstly, if you work with coffee, hay, grain, or wood, you can’t do without moisture sensing instrumentation. All of the above materials are substances that easily absorb moisture. That is, they cease to perform their functions if the level of moisture they contain exceeds certain norms and standards. Secondly, AgraTronix is a highly reliable company that has served its customers for over 40 years, it is globally recognized as the industry benchmark for hay, grain, coffee, wood, and other moisture sensing equipment that easily and accurately helps to identify would-be problems and damage to structures from moisture accumulation.

What makes AgraTronix equipment unique? With the company’s moisture meters, you can take advantage of innovations and reliability. Today, AgraTronix offers a wide range of first-rate quality products at competitive prices.

Consider some moisture meters that are bestsellers among our customers:

Coffee Moisture Testers

AgraTronix, 08150

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AgraTronix 08150 is a handheld device that can be operated anywhere, it shows accurate results for parchment, green coffee, and cocoa.

AgraTronix 38150 AG-MAC is another model you may be interested in.

Hay Moisture Meters

AgraTronix, 07160

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AgraTronix 07160 BHT-2 and AgraTronix 07150 BHT-1 help to control wet in the hay to minimize the negative impact on it. 07100 DHT-1, 07120 HT-PRO, 07140 WINDROW, etc. are from the family of portable hay moisture testers. 

Grain Moisture Meters

AgraTronix, 30100

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AgraTronix 30100 Ag-MAC PLUS is one of the best handheld grain moisture meters with a test weight of 20 plus greens without pre weighing and at the touch of a button. The innovative design of the Ag-MAC PLUS incorporates a no-spill technology.

Other devices from this subcategory include AgraTronix 08125 MT-PRO, 08155 MT-16, 09110 MT-PRO Kit, and 08201 GMT-Grind

Mega Depot also offers some other AgraTronix Moisture Test Equipment like Wood Chip Moisture Meter, Wood Residue Moisture Meter, Portable Tobacco Moisture Meter, Cotton Moisture Tester, Corn Stove Moisture Meter, etc. to suit your specific needs.Weather conditions can’t bypass any material without filling it with humidity. High-quality coffee, grains, hay, wood products, and so on cannot exceed certain standards of moisture contained in them in order to perform well their pre-designated functions. When you choose AgraTronix, you automatically choose a successful way of doing business, state-of-the-art technology, and reliable partner to rely on at any time.

AgraTronix makes it simple for you to “Detect what you can’t see”.

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