AEMC 1060 Megohmmeter and Accessories

A megohmmeter measures electrical resistance of insulators. It is important to use in order to avoid electrical shocks and other negative impacts on human health and life. Nowadays, the market offers hundreds of different megohmmeters. The items vary in type, size, quality etc. Therefore, customers should be selective and choose only trustworthy brands.

We recommend you to pay attention to AEMC 1060. It is a high-quality fully automated 1000V megohmmeter that is intended to test insulation on cables, motors, transformers and more.

The device is designed to measure capacitance, continuity, insulation resistance, resistance and voltage. AEMC 1060 features digital filtering of insulation measurements, automatic detection of external AC/DC voltages on the terminals, fuse protection and more.

The megohmmeter is equipped with a large LCD to show the readings. The device shuts off automatically when it is not in use. The item has an integral rechargeable battery and a clock to increase the level of convenience in use. The buttons have a 1st and 2nd function.

AEMC 1060 includes DataView software. It is possible to operate the device remotely via your PC: print out reports of measurement results, choose test voltage and run tests from the PC, store setups for different applications and test results and more.

This handheld device is lightweight and portable, it can be transferred from one place to another effortlessly. 

AEMC is committed to quality. Therefore, every item that is produced by the company is tested and checked in order to meet demanding present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements. With AEMC 1060 you will get accurate results easily.

Please note that it is necessary to read the instruction manual before using the device. Otherwise, it can work incorrectly.

Be effective and achieve your goals with AEMC!

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