ADC Shears

American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC) is a leading producer of medical shears. Medicine is the industry where every nuance is important and every detail is relevant. During surgeries only high-quality, reliable instruments should be applied. Otherwise, any mistake or delay can cost patients their health or life. That is why, it is crucial to use the brands you can fully rely on.

ADC shears feature sharp razors to cut through the most tenacious materials precisely and fast. The blades are made of extra-hardened surgical stainless steel adding to the durability of the tool. ADC shears are designed to be comfortable in use, so the tools feature either steel or polypropylene large-ringed handles. The big rivet allows to cut any material without any doubt in the quality of assembly. ADC instruments are carefully tested at every stage of the product development, meeting present-day national and international standards. It is estimated that ADC shears are capable of withstanding over 80 kg, making these products ultra-sturdy.

All medical instruments should be sterilized before and after usage, so ADC specially used the materials in constructing the tools to make all shears in the ADC product line-up completely autoclavable. They can withstand the steam of up to 143ºC (or 290ºF). Additionally, ADC provides a great range of color options of shears to suit everyone’s taste and working environment.

Excellence is a rule for ADC, so purchasing the products you get the exact tools you need: reliable, top-quality instruments that are easy to use and maintain. The shears are designed for lasting performance. MegaDepot offers ADC shears that are competitively priced to suit everyone’s wallet!

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