ADC Diagnostix Pocket Diagnostic Instruments

In the health care industry, it is crucial to work fast and be precise. Patients can be treated not only at hospitals, they can also be at their homes, at shops, in the streets etc. Different situations require small, portable devices to be used.

ADC Diagnostix pocket diagnostic instruments are perfect when the high level of mobility is required. The series includes pocket ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes and more.

Diagnostix Pocket Ophthalmoscopes have two parts: a handle with batteries and ophthalmoscope instrument head. It is possible to choose from 5 internal apertures (small, large, semi-circle, red-free and fixation). Additionally, there are 19 corrective lenses to select. Xenon or LED lamps give the level of light that is required for the examination. Lamps and batteries are replaceable, if necessary. ADC ophthalmoscopes are aimed at eye examination by a professional doctor.

Diagnostix Pocket Otoscopes consist of a head (movable viewing lens + disposable specula) and a handle with AA batteries. The devices are equipped with fiber optics to increase the quality of light transmission. Additionally, extra-durable cases for every item are available. The case will protect the device from scratches and dust. The device should be used by a healthcare professional only.

All ADC Diagnostix Pocket Diagnostic Instruments are lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another effortlessly. ADC devices are thoroughly tested to meet national and international standards. Additionally, choose from a rich palette of colors including blue, green, purple, and more!

It is essential to check if the device works properly. The batteries should not be corroded or damaged any other way, they should be changed immediately. Additionally, in case the device is not used, remove batteries.

ADC Diagnostix Pocket Diagnostic Instruments are for those, who need high quality combined with mobility.

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