ADC Diagnostix 700

Health is priceless and everyone should control and monitor their condition. It is possible with the help of numerous devices that are available on the market.

American Diagnostic Corporation is at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality products for the healthcare industry. One of its most popular items is ADC Diagnostix 700. It is a pocket aneroid sphygmomanometer for home/hospital usage. It is an easy-to-use device to measure blood pressure.

Aneroid devices are commonly used by many people due to their availability. They use a mechanical gauge to measure the air pressure applied to the cuff. Each component of the sphygmomanometer plays its role in the overall accuracy of the component, however, the manometer is the core of the instrument. Manometers in ADC sphygmomanometers are engineered by Japan’s leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive instruments. They are elaborately designed and hand crafted.

The 700 series has a number of advantages. The device is equipped with a precise 300 mmHg manometer. The dial is luminescent and has clear marks for its users to see the readings effortlessly. ADC Diagnostix 700 comprises Adcuff nylon cuff featuring Size Guide marking system to avoid miscuffing. Additionally, the device is easy to maintain using Adflow™ filter screen check to keep it clean.

The accuracy of the gauge ranges within ±3mmHg. It is recommended to store the sphygmomanometer at -4ºF to 131ºF (or -20ºC to 55ºC).

ADC Diagnostix 700 is highly portable, so it is possible to be transferred from one place to another freely. Additionally, it is a reasonable solution when a low-cost yet reliable instrument is needed.

ADC sphygmomanometers undergo severe and demanding tests, so the customers get top-quality gauges. The devices are created according to present-day requirements. ADC Diagnostix 700 exceeds existing industry standards.

ADC Diagnostix 700 sphygmomanometers can be used both for medical purposes and educational objectives. The gauge is easy to operate not only for professionals, but also for average users.

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