Adam Nimbus Balances

Adam Equipment manufactures high-grade balances. The company offers the Nimbus series that comprises precision and analytical balances.

Adam Nimbus balances are equipped with a stainless steel pan that is easy to use and maintain. The keypad is protected against splashes and dust. The balances can be connected to a PC or a printer. In addition, the readings are shown on a backlit LCD.

Nimbus precision balances are portable and do not require much space, adding to the list of their advantages. The balances have a strong construction, so the devices can withstand various conditions and usage. Their capacity ranges from 220g to 22000g.

Nimbus analytical balances are made of aluminum, so it is possible to work with them in hot and cold environments. Their capacity ranges from 80g to 250g.

Adam Nimbus balances are improved, allowing their users to get more accurate readings. Moreover, selectable digital filtering helps to reduce the consequences of vibration and similar external factors. Additionally, for those who use the balances often and need to track data, date and time of the measurements are indicated on the printouts.

All Adam balances are constructed to serve their users for decades. Before the equipment gets to the customer, every item is thoroughly tested to meet present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements.

Using balances is a simple and affordable way to measure the weight of objects. It is necessary to get precise results in science and in business, as the results of measuring can cost a lot of money or even people’s health and lives. That is why it is crucial to use only high-quality equipment.

The balances are used for healthcare, food service, commercial applications, as well as for educational purposes. The devices are user-friendly and can be operated by everyone.

Choose Adam Nimbus balances and always get precise readings!

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