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MegaDepot offers ultrasonic leak detectors from the leading ultrasonic instruments brand AccuTrak (VPE model range).

In the modern world it is crucial to use up-to-date technologies to succeed in any industry you work. It is a great option to use ultrasonic leak detectors as the efficient way to detect the place of leakage. The devices allow their users to be environmentally friendly and cost-effective using less energy!

AccuTrak VPE ultrasonic leak detectors are able to detect any gas leakage (nitrogen, refrigerants, vacuum, compressed air etc.), they can detect both vacuum as well as pressure leaks. AccuTrak VPE is a handheld, portable, battery powered device to use wherever you need.

AccuTrak is a company that values its customers, constantly developing and improving their products. The manufacturer increased battery life time to the maximum of 200 hours of work on a standard 9-Volt battery. The sensitivity of VPE devices increased by 20% enabling the user to detect leaks that are smaller for a shorter period of time.

The VPE devices are highly durable and made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a tough and impact resistant material) and anodised aluminium. Wind, sun or heat won’t interfere with your working process. AccuTrak VPE models are specifically designed to increase your productivity. Additionally, the devices have a wide dynamic range that allows you to work in any loud environment. AccuTrak VPE features Over Range Audio Alarm which allows you to be aware of the range exceeding, so the user can regulate the sensitivity.

The company has applied present-day technologies in manufacturing the VPE model range. Now you can detect leaks in AC and refrigeration systems. AccuTrak VPE leak detectors 
identify noise in the ultrasonic range (for example, the one that is created by a gas leak), but not in the audible range. The device has a “heterodyning” feature that allows you to hear the lowest sound you can with the help of headphones or the data can be fixed on a special in-built LED display.

In case you work in the environment where there is a constant ultrasonic background noise, the VPE model preserves the original acoustic features of the ultrasonic noise in question. 
You can differentiate leaks from other incidental sounds.

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