Abus Titalium

The risks of various crimes, including thefts and robberies, can be high. There is a necessity to protect valuable objects and property. A padlock is an easy and low-cost solution to this problem.

Abus is the company that manufactures first-rate padlocks for over 90 years. The brand is known in a number of various countries around the world.

Abus Titalium is a special product range that comprises padlocks made of extra-durable aluminum alloy. Abus is constantly improving every aspect of the working process. The company applied state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the quality of its products. A salient feature of the Titalium product range is that the padlocks feature a perfect combination: they are extra-strong and lightweight at the same time. These features make them irreplaceable if you need a high level of security plus convenience in their transportation. Additionally, Abus Titalium padlocks are corrosion-resistant and designed to withstand severe weather conditions like frost, heat, high humidity level, rain, storm and so on.

With Abus Titalium padlocks it is easy to secure different kinds of barriers, doors, gates, sheds etc.

Abus categorized its padlocks according to the level of theft risk:

  • the 80TI series provides extra-security against illegal break-in;
  • the 64TI series is applied in case of medium to high risk of thievery;
  • the 54TI series is designed to be used when the risk of theft is minimal.

There are Abus Titalium padlocks with key retaining and non-key retaining functions making them versatile. In addition, there are models with a removable cylinder: it is possible to re-key it to match an already existing key.

Abus offers padlocks in different sizes to suit multiple purposes and personal preferences of their users. Additionally, choose from a rich palette of colors that includes red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and more.

Purchasing Abus Titalium padlocks is a great investment in a long-term security.

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