4-Valve Manifold Gauges

On Mega Depot, you can buy 2-valve manifold gauges as well as 4-valve manifold gauges.

What do they consist of?

These gauges consist of low-side and high-side gauges, 4 valves (as the name implies), 4 ports for 4 hoses. Having another hose can definitely come in handy as you can have a vacuum pump and a refrigeration bottle both connected in addition to your red and blue hoses going to your system.

The hose connected to the evacuation port (usually, it is bigger) is suitable for larger equipment. The other one (connected to the charging port) can be hooked up to your refrigeration bottle.

No matter what model you buy, always read the user’s guide prior to working with any gauge. Thus, you will make sure that your piece of equipment works properly.

If you are looking for top-quality products, shop with us! On Mega Depot, you can choose from an array of gauges from top-notch manufacturers, including Uniweld, Yellow Jacket, and more. Choose the best!

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