3M N95

Today’s market offers a wide range of respirators, however, not all of them will provide you with the necessary protection. We recommend you to choose only trustworthy brands. Pay attention to 3M.

In 3M N95 respirators, N-Series filters are used. They are designed to protect you against any airborne particulate hazard that is oil-free.

You can choose from such models as 8110S, 8210, 8211, 8511, 8512, 8515, 8516, 9105, 9105S etc.

The company’s 8110S and 8210 particulate respirators offer a reliable protection against certain non-oil based particles. These two models have the same features, however, the  8110S is designed for users with smaller faces.

The 8211 and the 8511 models are perfect for work settings with heat, humidity, etc. The items offer the same protection, but the 8211 respirator has a comfortable faceseal foam.

The 8512 respirator ensures long-lasting comfort. The item features welding web, cake-resistant filter media, nose foam, adjustable noseclip and buckle straps. This model is a great choice for welding.

The 8515 model has welding web, adjustable M-Noseclip and braided headbands. It is a low-cost solution for welders.

The 8516 respirator is intended for metal pouring applications. The item protects the wearer from non-oil based particles including those present with nuisance levels of acid gases such as SO2, HF, etc.

The company’s VFlex 9105 and 9105S respirators feature V-shaped pleats, 3M proprietary filter media for easier breathing, adjustable noseclip, elastic headbands, etc. The items can be used for sanding, mineral processing, etc.

Please note that it is necessary to adjust the respirator so it fits your face properly. Otherwise, you put your health at risk.

Always determine the types of contaminants and their concentration level before working.

3M N95 respirators ensure an increased level of comfort. They are soft and adjustable.

All 3M respirators are quality tested. They meet demanding current standards and specific customers’ requirements.

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