2-Valve Manifold Gauges

There are 2-valve manifold gauges and 4-valve manifold gauges available on Mega Depot. 2-valve manifold gauges are more lightweight compared to their 4-valve counterparts. Usually, 2-valve manifold gauges are used on gauge pressure transmitters (the user needs to isolate the transmitter and vent the pressure off).

What do they consist of?

These gauges consist of low-side and high-side gauges, 2 valves (as the name implies), one on each end, they are called low-side and high-side valves. The gauges also have 3 hoses: low-side (or blue), high-side (or red), and center (or yellow).

How do they work?

If you need to take pressure readings, the high-side hose should be connected to an HVAC high-pressure line and the low-side hose - to an HVAC low-pressure line. After that, you can record the results.

If we talk about vacuuming, the center hose should be attached to a vacuum pump and the low-side hose will go to the unit. The low-side valve should be open so the pump can work.

If you are going to add refrigerant to an AC unit, the center hose should be connected to the external source, the refrigerant bottle, and the red hose should be connected to the unit. Your task is to monitor how much refrigerant is being added to the system and turn it off when it reaches the correct amount.

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