Veterans Day: Honoring All Who Served

Resource Description

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day the eleventh month… Almost ninety years ago, the magic of this number begot a special historic event, which had an overwhelming influence on our future. The signing of the armistice between Germany and the Allied nations, the event that terminated the sanguinary hostility of World War I. From that time, the 11th of November has been a day to reflect upon the courageous behavior and sacrifices that took place throughout the history of the United States… A day to thank all who served in Military Services of the USA and honor all the veterans for their fearless deeds… A day when flags are hanging half-mast, as if symbolizing our heads bowed to the heroism of military men…

We often take our freedom and peace for granted, but we seldom think of the price paid for this. Sometimes, there are no words to describe the veterans’ feelings. They’ve provided us with a peaceful future and now it’s up to us to provide them with respect and gratitude. There are ways to help them feel the importance of their sacrifices and give them a sense of purpose. Ways that help them rebuild their lives either mentally or physically.

Attention and sympathy – these are simple humane things that are really helpful. Just meeting a veteran from your neighborhood and having a stroll down his or her memory lane, listening to the stories about their serving will do good! Paying attention to each fact, each word about their heroic deeds means a lot to them. Sometimes, even without asking any questions, just by listening attentively, you do a great job!

At Mega Depot, we join the commemorations and express our profound respect and appreciation to all people – women and men – who bravely served for the benefit of the nation and our future! We are proud to have such countrymen! Thank you for all you’ve done!