Hoses are used in a variety of industrial/commercial applications, they are important in a number of systems. One can often find hoses utilized in plumbing and HVAC/R systems, where they are responsible for transporting air, water, refrigerant gases, etc. In welding, hoses play a noticeable part. The essential function of a welding hose in a set-up is to feed gases and liquid fuel from a container to a torch. We provide a vast selection of hoses fit for use in welding machines.



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Welding hoses are typically made of different types of rubbers or synthetic polymer materials, their flexibility and tightness allow the safe transportation of dangerous substances. Such tubes often come in conjoined pairs, especially in oxy-fuel set-ups. Commonly, welding hoses are marked with color to better differentiate their function if one is transporting fuel and the other is supplying oxygen to the combustion section. The link is secured with the aid of fittings, and gaskets, specifically ferrules. You can choose from an array of high-quality hoses at the best prices. Shop with Mega Depot!