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Weather is a significant factor that determines people’s actions and decisions. It greatly affects our everyday lives. It can affect our routine, as well as stop or slow down industrial and commercial operations. Meteorology analyzes and predicts the weather to a certain extent, but the full understanding and control of natural processes have never been achieved. Multiple methods of observing and predicting the weather have been invented. Nowadays, specialized weather stations provide us with all the required data. Meteorological stations are specialized sets of various devices that monitor various parameters like wind direction, wind speed, pressure, air humidity & temperature, and the level of snow, rain, drizzle, or any other type of precipitation.

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Weather Stations

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These weather stations are widely utilized in many spheres, including aviation, maritime and agricultural industries. Meteorology directly impacts the safety of planes and ships, just as it impacts the quality and quantity of harvests. Such equipment is often used in combination with additional gadgets like chart recorders, or their more advanced equivalents called data loggers. They allow us not only to monitor on-the-spot information but also to display trends and changes that occurred over a certain time span. Such stations may also be used at homes by people who are connected with meteorological or agricultural spheres or just want to get weather information from a reliable source. Such stations usually include thermometers, barometers, anemometers, moisture sensors, precipitation sensors, and other equipment.