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Manufacturing different object and devices or working on a certain material (for example casting steel) may require difficult procedures and constant monitoring of various parameters. These parameters are usually monitored with the aid of specialized equipment like chart recorders, data loggers, various testers, meters and analyzers. But sometimes using specialized gadgets is impossible due to the nature of operations or material. Different tracking methods are used in such situations.

Special temperature measuring aids are commonly used in construction, metal forming and casting, manufacturing objects from metal and metal-like materials, medicine, food production and related industries. These appliances provide great functionality without the necessity for expensive and intricate equipment. Mega Depot offers a great variety of temperature indicators from brands like Palmer Wahl, Markal, Nissen, Dwyer Instruments, Brady and others. Be professional with Mega Depot.

Temperature Indicators

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One of the parameters that is of paramount importance for almost any object, device or material is temperature. It can change physical properties and parameters of materials or can indicate a malfunction in a device. But when using a thermometer or data logger is difficult or impossible special additional substances and gadgets are used to monitor temperature levels. An example can be a temperature label or a temperature plate. It is essentially a heat monitor that is made of a temperature-sensitive indicator, which is sealed under a see-through covering that protects the sensitive part from the heat. Such devices are attached to the surface of an object we desire to monitor, and they indicate the temperature of a material they’re covering. Some labels and strips may be reversible, they act like a normal thermometer, indicating current temperature. Irreversible appliances are not reusable, if the maximum temperature was achieved and indicating parts were used they will not revert to their original state. Another example is a temperature stick, a specialized crayon that contains heat-sensitive parts, which change color when their triggering temperature is achieved.