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agratronix moisture meters

AgraTronix grain moisture testers are renowned for their reliability and high quality. There are handheld and stationary models available.

Ag-MAC PLUS is a highly precise device. It is not handheld, however, it is very convenient to use. The tester has a readout for 20-grain scales plus an LCD display to show the results. It is equipped with a grain hopper and USB cable.

In case a portable device is needed, AgraTronix offers MT-PRO, MT-PRO+, MT-16 and more. These are handheld and lightweight grain moisture testers, that are easily transferred from one place to another. The front side of these devices is equipped with a backlit display (to use even in the dark or in the low-light environment) and a few buttons. They are battery-powered, the batteries are easy to change. In addition, for every model, a special carrying case is designed to enhance the level of comfort for their users.

All AgraTronix grain moisture meters undergo severe tests to meet and exceed customers’ requirements and present-day standards. Additionally, the devices are easy to maintain.

AgraTronix grain moisture testers are designed for those who are determined to succeed.

Success in agriculture depends on a multitude of factors, and some of them can’t be controlled. Grain can be damaged considerably by different kinds of pests, by the flood, rain, drought and more. There are methods of getting rid of pests, but it is impossible to remove precipitation. In this case, farmers can only control the level of moisture in crops. AgraTronix offers an array of top-quality grain moisture meters to help farmers save their grain.

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