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Flowmeters are designed to indicate flow rate. There are various types and models that are suitable for an array of applications. Nowadays, there are many devices that have different specifications and features, they also vary in quality and price. Dwyer Flow Meters are built to last. On Mega Depot, you can easily find flowmeters from the following series (and more):  

The Series CPF flowmeters are perfect for corrosives as well as high purity fluids. These are affordable devices that can be used for water and wastewater treatment facilities.

The Series DTFO variable-area flowmeters for oils are intended to measure oil flow rates. Their metal construction ensures dependability and durability.

The Series SSM products are made of metal, these are solidly-built, general-purpose industrial flowmeters. They are equipped with a direct reading scale. The devices can be used with dirty and opaque fluids.

The Series FLST airflow measurement stations are easy to install. The airflow elements are factory mounted. These devices are available in circular, oval, or rectangular variants.

The company is committed to excellence and strives to provide its customers with the best products possible. All Dwyer Flow Meters are tested for leakage. As for maintenance, normally, no special procedures are required.

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