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Electronic gadgets became an inseparable part of our lives. We use them everywhere, from our houses and offices to factories and science labs. These gadgets simplify our lives and provide us with possibilities we couldn’t imagine 20-30 years ago, however, they require an uninterrupted power supply in order to be functional. Some devices may be powered from a power source via cables and wires, however, some gadgets are designed to be portable and mobile so they have a rechargeable accumulator as a power element. These accumulators have a certain charge capacity, which is determined by their design and usage, but their charge/discharge rate and maximum capacity decay over time, plus there may be other malfunctions that emerge due to incorrect usage and charging procedure.

Battery testers are used to evaluate the condition of the power element. We offer a range of battery testers and additional accessories. Shop with Mega Depot!

Battery Testers

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There are a few types of battery testers. The most popular and widespread is a simple ammeter. It measures the charge speed of the accumulator. More intricate equipment allows conducting various tests with a more in-depth inspection of an accumulator. Such tests include short circuit tests, temperature tests, failsafe tests, overcharge and overdischarge, and so on, but the main types are cycle, load, and electromagnetic compatibility evaluations. Cycle tests include a continuous charge-discharge procedure to evaluate the lifespan of a battery. These tests can have a noticeable negative effect on accumulators, so they are performed only in the testing environment. Load evaluations establish the power level a battery can produce. These tests determine if a battery is compatible with a target device. Electromagnetic compatibility is needed to discover whether the power element has any electromagnetic influence that can cause bad performance or damage the device.