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In our modern world everyone works hard everyday in order to purchase what is needed. Consequently, the things that we buy are valuable for us, because we put a lot of effort to get them. There is another situation: people that we care about buy us a present. This thing  automatically becomes precious because of those people. Either way, we don’t want our things to be stolen or lost. That’s why it is crucial to take security measures to keep the property safe.

Abus manufactures high-grade padlocks to protect what you value! Abus padlocks are extra-durable and reliable to suit different purposes. The locks are made of various materials including aluminum, brass, steel and more. Lock doors, gates and more. Secure cabinets, garages, gates and many more.

There are different Abus padlock models available on the market. Choose from a number of series: Granit, Silver Rock, Titalium etc.

Abus also offers combination locks. They are perfect for locking luggage or lockers. To use a combination lock just set a number combination that nobody knows - and the valuables will be secure. Try to set a code that isn’t very easy to guess (e.g. “123”). With Abus combination locks the user can forget about keys - keeping personal things away from strangers is easy now!

Abus padlocks can be used in different environments both indoors and outdoors. Special corrosion-resistant coating ensures the long-lasting performance of the products.
Additionally, Abus offers rust-free marine padlocks that are intended for the marine industry, where severe weather conditions like storms, rain and extreme temperatures often occur.

Choose from small to large sizes of padlocks to suit the purpose of usage. Additionally, Abus offers padlocks in different colors (red, yellow, blue, green, purple etc.) to increase their visibility.

Abus padlocks provide first-rate security for a reasonable price!

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