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A padlock is a detachable lock with a shackle. It is a low-priced solution to protect your property from illegal entry or use. You can lock fences, gates, doors, items of furniture, railway wagons, trailers etc. The items are available in small, medium and big sizes for various purposes. Abloy padlocks are easy to use indoors and outdoors.

Abloy is a flagship producer of a wide range of locks and locking systems working for over a century. Abloy provides padlocks for different users in commerce, industry and government.
Abloy padlocks are elaborately constructed to keep your property safe. The padlocks are equipped with a special rotating disc cylinder so you can use them in different weather conditions: extreme heat, cold, rain, snow etc. Additionally, Abloy padlocks are pick proof.

The body is made out of ground brass or plated steel so it is drill proof. The materials are corrosion resistant both on the surface and inside the mechanism. Abloy padlocks are extremely strong withstanding up to 21 thousand lbs of pull strength. A special mechanism protects the shackle to be pried open. The cylinder of the Abloy padlock is removable so it is easy to change if necessary. In addition, you can remove the key only if it’s locked - Abloy padlocks are key retaining. It is added for extra security.

Furthermore, Abloy develops a Super Weather Proof padlocks line. Its products are designed specifically for extreme weather conditions including storms, blizzards, desert sandstorms etc. The Super Weather Proof padlocks range comprises mechanical and electromechanical models that can be operated within a unified locking system. All Abloy padlocks are carefully tested and meet all modern requirements.

Abloy is an excellent choice if you need a reliable and durable padlock to serve you for decades!

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