Modern-day personal protective equipment (PPE) is presented in a great assortment of appliances. Generally, PPE design is determined by the sphere of application so that PE matches potential hazards. Such gear can also be classified depending on the body part that it protects. There are respirators, devices designed to prevent dangerous gases/fumes/smokes/infections from getting in the respiratory system. They vary from simple cloth masks used by doctors to advanced respirators with filtration mechanisms, used in hazmat suits. Another popular type of safety gear is eye protection. These appliances will protect your eyes from debris, dirt, dust, toxic fumes, or adverse temperatures. They comprise a collection of glasses & goggles, some of them can even be incorporated in a headpiece (together with a breathing hood). Hearing protection includes a range of headphones that are used in spheres with high noise levels. Skin protection includes pieces of clothing suited for protecting a certain body part. Sometimes, they can be reinforced to provide better shielding from physical damage. Commonly, the elements of PPE are combined into safety suits or ensembles, which are specifically designed for certain application fields. Mega Depot offers a vast collection of personal protection gear from the best manufacturers.