Lockout-tagout procedures play a very important part in ensuring workplace safety. Lockout products come in a great variety of types suited for specific applications. They are used in various industrial set-ups to secure machinery after it stops operating (at the end of a shift, or before uninstalling/disassembling). Such locks prevent potentially dangerous machinery from turning on unintentionally, which can result in injuries to workers or physical damage to other equipment.


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Lockout-tagout devices cover a wide range of possible applications, from small hasps and locks to secure separate moving or closed elements, to large valve & station appliances suited specifically for certain mills and machinery. Lockout/tagout appliances may be locked by one or several workers, and require all of the locking devices to be disassembled before being taken off the equipment. Mega Depot offers a great selection of lockout appliances as well as supplementary equipment, all at the best prices.