Automated systems run the majority of modern factories, power plants, public utility service facilities, and similar operations. These systems secure the quality of the performed procedures, regulate any divergence from standard conditions, and inform operators about malfunctions. These systems are presented in a network of elements, and specialized control mechanisms are integrated to perform a constant evaluation of working parameters and compare them with the values set as standard. These controlling components are a crucial part of automated networks. We offer a great selection of control units from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.


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Control units are used for establishing required operational parameters, evaluating the system's performance, adjusting the operational values to counter deviations from pre-set requirements, control plant operations in general, and inform the personnel of any malfunctions. You can find a wide array of heat, pressure, flow, humidity, pH, time, speed, electricity, and other control panels for different applications, as well as all supplementary parts like sensors, valves, etc. Take advantage of the best deals - only on Mega Depot.