Inkjet printers are very common both for private and commercial use. They are able to produce black-and-white and colored prints. Their working principle is as follows: small drops of ink are sprayed on the material. Inkjet devices utilize special printheads. There are two head types that are currently used in printing. The first one is called a fixed printhead. Such heads are usually built into the device. They are precise and do not require any calibrations after the purchase of a printer, however, if they are broken, it’s very hard to replace them (fixed heads are often inseparable from the rest of the printer). Such equipment is most commonly utilized in commercial printing machinery that requires high precision and quality. The second type is a disposable printhead, it is usually connected to an ink tank (cartridge), and if it runs out, the head is changed as well. Such printheads are more suitable for small printers used at homes, therefore the production value should maintain low, also lowering the quality of images. However, it is very easy to replace them in case they get damaged or clogged.