Labels may be made of different materials, it all depends on the sphere of application, an object that is being marked, conditions of use, transportation, or storage. Labels may be made of latex, foil, plastic, fabric, paper, or special substances that react to temperature change. Almost all labels have some type of adhesive material on one side that reacts to high temperatures or pressure, however, some labels may be attached without adhesives, for example by strings, rivets, or stitches. Some adhesives may be reusable, in case you need to mark different objects for a certain period of time with the same label, however, there are labels that cannot be taken off the item without tearing the label itself or separating it from a layer of adhesive substance. Labels may have a blank surface on one side so that markings can be made individually, and there are certain label pieces that are used in specific situations. Such labels have required information printed on them. We offer a selection of labels that are intended for different purposes. Mega Depot offers labels for identifying general objects or specialized equipment, circuit board tracking, or wire marking. Some cable and wire labels may be used not only as an identificator but also as an additional layer of insulation.