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3D printing as a globally recognized and popularized technology is a phenomenon that changed the way a lot of things were made before. Introduced in the 1980s, it gained its popularity fairly recently, started capturing the attention of people and for all good reasons. 3D printers allow people to use their imagination in an unexpected way, taking creativity to the next level. A simple idea of a complete 3D object created from raw materials in a matter of hours has finally become reality due to the technological advancement of our current age. The first concept, which was to shape an object from a given substance, like a sculpture, was later changed to creating the object in layers, hence the term “3D printing”.

Mega Depot offers a selection of top-quality 3D printers. Creating complete complex objects in a matter of minutes has never been so enjoyable and easy. If you are looking for a 3D printer, Mega Depot is your best choice. Invent and create with us.


3D Printers

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Additive manufacturing is far superior to usual printing, as well as to usual designing and manufacturing. Being able to create a 3D object in a matter of hours is not only entertaining but also very productive. Imagine engineers trying out new prototypes without spending time and money on hard casting or machining new parts and then assembling them into a device that doesn’t even work. Now all these steps can be omitted, printing a design, trying it out, changing it, and printing a new one takes a few hours and is far more efficient. Not to mention that the possible applications of such devices are endless, from engineering and health care to food production and mass manufacturing of fully functional electrical objects, like mobile phones.