Dixon Valve Cam & Groove

Dixon Valve Cam & Groove

Dixon Valve Cam & Groove couplers are for those who value quality and reliability. If you need to connect and disconnect hoses easily, these products are for you.

The company offers a wide range of items including Boss-Lock™ cam and groove couplers, EZ Boss-Lock™ cam and groove couplers, dust plugs, dust caps, adapters and many more!

Boss-Lock™ cam and groove couplers feature cast-in lugs so the clips can be attached once the lugs are passed through slots in the special cam lever arms. The coupler is locked until the clips are removed.

EZ Boss-Lock™ cam and groove couplers are easy to use. They are ergonomic, resistant to accidental disconnection if dragged. The locking mechanism is engaged if you close the handles. Pay attention that if the rotating lever is not flush with the handle, it is not properly engaged. Another benefit of Dixon Valve cam & groove couplers is the small outside diameter so the devices can be easily inserted into the hose tubes or they can be used in restricted spaces. In addition, these items require little maintenance, the rotating action keeps the locking device debris-free.

Polypropylene couplers are supplied with 304 stainless steel handles and pins as well as EPDM gaskets. Please note that the items are not designed to be mixed with metal fittings.

Pay attention that dust caps and dust plugs are not to be used in pressure applications. Please read the product information and safety notes prior to using any device.

Cam & Groove (Dixon Valve)
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