Alemite Pumps

Alemite Pumps

Alemite pumps serve various purposes. It is possible to choose from oil, grease, manual, electric, diaphragm and chemical & material handling high-grade pumps.

The company’s oil pumps are designed for applications where fluids are piped to various outlets. Used in combination with other equipment, oil pumps deliver different oils (for instance, cutting, gear or motor oils) from pails, tanks and so on. There are several Alemite oil pumps available on the market: stationary pneumatic ram oil pumps, pneumatic ram - portable, pneumatic standard duty oil pumps and pneumatic industrial.

The grease pumps, applied with other equipment, deliver lubricant from various containers. There are stationary pneumatic ram grease pumps, pneumatic ram - portable, stationary standard duty pneumatic grease pumps, portable standard duty pneumatic, pneumatic industrial, electric and hydraulic grease pumps.

Alemite manual pumps do not require any additional equipment. They are easy to use, no electricity required. It is possible to choose from different manual pumps: bucket pumps, loader pumps, oil dispensing pumps and more.

The chemical & material handling pumps deliver substances from storage to the point of application. There are light-duty, light to heavy-duty pumps, medium to heavy-duty chemical & material handling pumps and undercoating pumps and more available on the market.

The diaphragm pumps are intended for high volume transfer plus dispensing an array of fluids that include new and used oil, antifreeze and many others.

The company’s electric pumps are designed to transfer chemicals from different containers. They are portable and lightweight. In addition, using electric pumps allows diminishing contact with chemicals.

Alemite pumps are thoroughly constructed to achieve the highest level of quality. All Alemite items undergo severe tests to meet customers’ requirements and present-day standards.

The products can be used in an array of industries, for instance: agriculture, construction, mining and many more.

Alemite pumps are perfect for those who care about excellence!

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