Sights may differ in design, and it predetermines what kinds of weaponry utilize them. Basic sights are made up of a simple set of aiming markers (iron sights). This type of sights is generally made-up of two (frontal and rear) pieces. In order to be accurate, these pieces must be adjusted to each other and be in one line with the object you’re aiming at. There are also more sophisticated variations like optical, electronic, and laser units. Almost any modern gun is equipped with a sight mentioned above. They provide much greater precision at any distance and are used by professionals as well as amateurs. Electronic and optical sights have a similar working principle, they show you the focused image of the aiming marker and your target. Laser sights have a different approach, basically projecting the target marker on the object, unlike previously mentioned sights that let you see it through a lens. In addition, the majority of modern devices allow customization to adapt to weather conditions and distance. Another important aspect is increased comfort and efficiency while aiming and shooting.