...explore large objects like planets. Reflector telescopes utilize mirrors to perform their function. They are suitable for those who want to view various deep-sky objects like star clusters.

The Starwatcher line of Barska telescopes is perfect for those who just begin to explore celestial objects. The devices are user-friendly, easy to set up and maintain. The Starwatcher items feature a large database of over ten thousand objects - just download it on your computer.

The Anchormaster telescopes by Barska have excellent optics combined with an elegant design. The items are brass polished, adding to the aesthetic component.

Barska’s Magnus ED devices feature an objective lens that is made of extra-low dispersion glass. This type of glass eliminates color fringing.

Telescopes by Barska are suitable for amateurs as well as for experienced users. The devices provide with sharp and detailed images.

Excellence is a priority for the company. All items are thoroughly designed, manufactured and then quality tested in order to achieve the best end product. The items meet demanding present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements. Barska’s telescopes are precise and reliable, they will serve their users for a long time!

Design is also important for Barska. Choose from the devices with black anodizing, black matte, polished brass or silver finish. Add an elegant detail to your interior!

Expand your horizons with Barska!