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Barska monoculars are compact and portable. The devices can be used when traveling or hiking. Additionally, the body of the Barska monocular is made of extra-durable rubber, protecting optics in a number of situations.

Barska is renowned for top-quality rifle scopes. The product range comprises red dot scopes, level, hornet, electro sight rifle scopes and more. The company applied state-of-the-art technologies into the process of manufacturing to provide users with a sharp and clear image.

Barska spotting scopes can be used in hunting and astronomy. The devices deliver a detailed and sharp image.

For those who are in search of high-quality telescopes, the company offers a rich assortment of models for amateurs as well as professionals. The devices are designed so even the furthest objects can be viewed clearly.

Barska also offers an array of precise microscopes. There are digital, compound and stereo devices available. A digital microscope can be viewed as a combination of a traditional microscope and a modern digital camera. The microscope should be connected to the PC via the USB cable and then the image will be shown on the screen. Barska compound microscopes are equipped with two systems of lenses. Barska stereo microscopes deliver a three-dimensional visualization of the object.

Barska Optics is for those who want precise devices to serve for decades!