Binoculars truly do have a long story, they have been around since the 17th century, emerging shortly after the creation of a telescope. Most early devices utilized Galilean optics to magnify the picture, and later it was replaced with Keplerian optics. However, since the 1890s, prismatic construction has been adopted, and soon all binoculars utilized prisms. There are two main prism types used in modern-day binoculars: Porro prisms and Roof-type prisms. These prisms differ in the working principle, but similar in purpose, and both produce a comparable quality of an image.

When choosing binoculars, one must keep in mind that there are quite a few parameters that need to be monitored. They include magnification scale, FOV (field of view) provided, objective diameter, the size of the exit pupil and the distance to the eyepoint, and also a close focus distance. We offer a great selection of binoculars that you can use in your professional and everyday activities. Find the best products on Mega Depot!