ADC Stethoscopes

ADC Stethoscopes

Health care is the industry where health and even lives of people depend on the instruments that are used. That is why it is crucial to use only high-quality, reliable devices.

ADC is a trustworthy brand, being a successful medical care products supplier for over 30 years. American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC) is a principal producer of stethoscopes. ADC stethoscopes allow their users to listen to a patient’s heart and lungs to control their health condition. ADC tools are widely used by many people.

ADC offers both acoustic and electronic devices. Acoustic stethoscopes are commonly used, they don’t require batteries or any other additional equipment.
Electronic stethoscopes have LCD displays so it is easy to read the measurement result. In addition, electronic devices are battery powered. ADC stethoscopes are lightweight and portable, so they can be transferred from one place to another without any effort.

ADC incorporated state-of-the-art technologies to improve the performance of its stethoscopes. ADC applied AFD technology (Adjustable Frequency Design) when constructing some models of the Adscope series. Now, it is easy to find models that help to auscultate faint heart and lung sound even better. The user can tune high or low frequencies just by altering chestpiece pressure. Also, improved valve mechanisms reduce any acoustic leakage.

ADC designed stethoscope models so that the users can replace chestpiece fittings depending on the required situation: adult or child usage.

ADC devices are designed for medical usage, as well as for educational purposes.
ADC is constantly improving, increasing the level of efficiency and durability of its products. The materials of a chestpiece drum include zinc, stainless steel, aluminum.
The models are equipped with adjustable binaurals to enhance the level of users’ comfort. Aesthetics is also a part of the ADC concept, so customers can choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to suit their personal preferences or working environment.

ADC stethoscopes are reasonably priced, so you can buy top-quality products without overpay. Get precise readings with ADC and control your health easily!

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