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Material Handling Equipment

Tо produce any kind оf goods, the mоst common and general practice is tо transfer the materials frоm оne processing area tо another and frоm one section of a facility or a production zone to the next. It requires the work of many people and equipment, as well as material handling.

It is important to pay attention to the following parameters of the material you work with: size (width, depth, height); weight (weight per item, or per unit volume); shape (round, square, long, rectangular, irregular); and other (slippery, fragile, sticky, explosive, frozen).

What is MHE?

Material Handling Equipment (MHE) is designed to transport, store, protect, and control materials in the facility.

Material Handling Equipment

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Material handling is important as it is the key to warehouse productivity. When the materials in the warehouse are well-managed, there will be an increase in efficiency.

On the other hand, not using MHE will eventually lead to poor material handling, for instance, confusion with product storing, too much walking, cluttered aisles, lack of standardization, the list goes on.

Recently, the material handling function has been undergoing significant changes in concept and implementation. The view of this process as the routine transfer of materials from place to place is changing. Now it is considered as part of the material flow system. This change in thinking has come about largely as a result of new automatic handling, weighing, portioning, protecting, and storing equipment and systems that are integrated closely with automatic processing and sophisticated administration information and control systems. On Mega Depot, you can find a wide range of high-quality solutions. Choose the right product for your specific application!