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Weighing scales are widely utilized in many applications and across an extensive range of industries. These measuring devices are essential in a variety of commercial, material handling/control, or laboratory set-ups. Scales & balances are needed for precise weighing. The majority of weighing devices, even though very precise and accurate, are suited for personal use in corresponding spheres, and are not legally accepted for such operations like trade. In order to utilize a scale in commerce, a special certification is required. Mega Depot offers a great selection of legal for trade scales. Choose the right one for you!

Legal for Trade Scale

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Legal for trade scales are specifically manufactured to meet certain accuracy and resolution criteria, as well as to maintain these parameters over the course of exploitation. Besides the regulations in construction and design, a special Certificate of Conformance, as well as an examination by a State representative, are required to assert that the given device is legally approved for commercial use. Choose from state-of-the-art products from the best manufacturers. Enjoy quality equipment that is built to last and shop with Mega Depot!