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When you use Adam Equipment scales & balances, you feel quality. These devices feature a unique housing design and excellent performance. The manufacturer offers devices for both beginners and advanced users.

Choose from analytical and precision balances. Adam Equipment analytical balances are ideal to measure mass with precision from 0.01mg - 0.0001g readability. The devices can be used for density determination, statistical analysis, conformance testing and more. Precision balances are perfect for laboratory use, quality control testing, manufacturing operations, etc. You can also pay attention to compact balances that do not require much storage space.

Core® portable compact balances are perfect for basic weighing tasks. The devices can withstand field and laboratory environments. These balances have reliable construction and ABS housing that protects the device from spills.

Dune® portable compact balances are for those who need quick and effortless weighing. The devices have a high-contrast display, an AC adapter, a low battery indicator, an overload indicator, and auto-calibration through the keypad.

The Eclipse® series of precision balances offers capacities of up to 32 kg. The items feature a large backlit LCD with white digits on a dark background, a built-in capacity tracker and more. For easy communication with a PC or printer, the devices are equipped with USB and RS-232 interfaces.

Highland® portable precision balances can be used for educational, industrial purposes as well as for lab work and more. The items have such functions as parts counting, percentage weighing, totalisation / accumulation, etc. The devices feature an easy-to-read backlit LCD, the ShockProtect™ overload protection, the HandiCal™ internal calibration weight, capacity tracker, color-coded keys, RS-232 and USB interfaces and more.

Nimbus® precision balances offer excellent performance and innovative design. Durability is one of the key features of these devices. Sturdy construction allows you to use these balances on a day-to-day basis.

You can also choose from an extended range of Adam Equipment scales: bench scales, counting scales, washdown scales, and more.

Bench scales are great for use in classrooms, laboratories or outdoors. It is possible to choose from scales with capacities from 1.5kg to 60kg. Cruiser bench checkweighing scales are designed for industrial weighing. With these devices, you can do a lot of tasks, such as basic weighing, checkweighing, and parts counting.

Counting scales are available with 1 or 3 displays to show unit weight, count and total weight. There are various ranges available: Cruiser, GFC and more.

Washdown scales with an IP66 rating can be used for various weighing tasks and washed without any damage. The Gladiator range is a good option for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Adam Equipment scales and balances are user-friendly and easy to maintain.

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