The MS-100 microscope is an intermediate level device. It can be used for educational, professional purposes or just for hobby. Just as in the MS-040, this model has a monocular head at 45 degree angle. This device is equipped with coarse and fine focus knob, enhancing the level of image quality. It also features an adjustable LED illumination.

The MS-160 model is an advanced microscope. It is intended for university students, doctors, industrial professionals and more. It has a binocular head at 30 degree angle. It is rotatable 360 degrees. There are 2 sets of wide field eyepieces (10X and16X). An adjustable LED illumination is included.

Carson’s digital microscopes include ZORB™, EFLEX™ and ZPIX™ 300. They require connection to a PC. The MM-480, zOrb is equipped with a camera. With this microscope it is possible to see the smallest objects using a 65x effective magnification. The MM-840 eFlex™ is equipped with a 75x/300x effective magnification. The MM-940, zPix 300 has an 86x-457x effective magnification. With these digital microscopes it is possible to take photos and make videos of the objects under examination. Note that the described digital microscopes do not work with tablets.

The company’s pocket microscopes are small, portable yet powerful devices. You can choose from an array of models with different magnification. The items are battery-powered and can be transferred from one place to another effortlessly.

The microscopes are easy to maintain - just read the instructions before. It is recommended to avoid any contact of the devices with moisture, dirt or dust.

Carson is committed to excellence. Every item undergoes quality tests in order to meet present-day standards and to provide customers with reliable end-products.

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