A microscope is a specialized device applied to inspect things that cannot be seen through usual magnifiers. They come in many kinds, but the most common one is called "optical". It creates an enlarged picture of an object we want to see by shining light upon it via a succession of lenses. Another type of such device is known as an electron microscope. It appeared fairly recently and is applied in various spheres that require better picture quality and that examine much smaller objects. It sends a ray of electrons to scan the target of interest. Such devices cost a lot more and are used in high-end laboratories, but can provide a considerably bigger magnification rate. Microscopes are often used to analyze microorganisms, cells, and chemical substance composition. Lab magnifying glasses and lamps are often utilized if such enlargement of the objects-under-analysis isn’t needed, but close inspection is still required. Such tools are commonly used by doctors to inspect patients. On Mega Depot, you can find a great selection of microscopes and additional accessories like magnifying lenses, reticle scales, adapters, and more.