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The diversity of equipment and gadgets used in modern laboratories is truly astonishing. There are devices responsible for almost any possible procedure that could take place. And while professional equipment is very important, all the little pieces matter as well. A variety of supplementary parts helps create a complete working environment and enable all the necessary procedures. Mega Depot offers a great selection of laboratory supplies, replacement and supplementary parts for laboratory experiments and tests. Buy reliable yet affordable products on Mega Depot.

Lab Supplies

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The selection we offer covers a variety of different products. You can buy wires, cables, leads, and similar electric equipment for your test devices. There is a wide range of optical equipment like magnifying glasses, lenses, and mirrors that could be used both in experiments and for examining your equipment. A number of magnets of different sizes and shapes are also presented on our website. On top of that, we provide a selection of labels and labeling tapes. Mega Depot also offers a set of more sophisticated equipment like compasses, electrolysis, and gas convection devices, electroscopes, the list goes on. In addition, you can find a variety of informational slides and models of various organisms and body parts.