A centrifuge is a machine with a rapidly rotating container that uses centrifugal force to separate particles sustained in liquids, fluids, or gases based on their densities and sizes. The centrifugation works by sedimentation principle: gravitational force makes more dense fractions to sink and those less dense to float on the top, like the separation of cream from milk, or plasma from the blood... Read more


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    Depending on the application, centrifuges vary in their design and size. There are numerous types of centrifuges, thus let’s consider the most basic:

  • Filtration - used for the segregation of the mixture of solid in liquid - Basket/Tubular Bowl Centrifuge.
  • Sedimentation - same purpose plus the segregation of liquid in liquid - Disc Bowl Centrifuge and Bottle Centrifuge.

    By factoring in consumer needs, trustability, durability, and high quality, we have come up with our list of top 5 most effective centrifuges' brands:

  • Benchmark Scientific Centrifuges - one designed for heavy workloads and ideal for use with tissue culture flasks; others prevent cross contamination, remain programmed parameters in memory for repeated runs.
  • Drucker Diagnostics Centrifuges - cool operation, dual layers of safety protection; unbeatable quality for any budget; come ready to run with the rotor, tube holders.
  • Globe Scientific Centrifuges - independent control of speed and time; fast acceleration and deceleration; pulse operation for quick spins and many other special options.
  • Oxford Lab Products Centrifuges - timer setting and infinite mode; lid lock safety with automatic release; save and run up to 99 user-defined programs or protocols; unique airflow design.
  • Scilogex Micro-Centrifuges - compact and powerful high-speed, ideal for high-end research applications; high-quality aluminum alloy bio-containment rotors and many more.