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A tubing system includes a variety of basic elements. Such systems are made up of the elements connected with the aid fitting and coupling components. Fitting types depend on the composition material of pipes as well as on the sphere of application. Flare-type fittings are widely used in gas networks and similar spheres that utilize soft metal tubing (where it’s crucial to have leak-tight, secure connections). Flaring tools are used to create such fittings. We provide a wide array of flaring instruments at the lowest prices. The products are made by top manufacturers and designed to serve you for a long time.

Tubing Tools

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Flaring tools include a set of dies suited for various tube sizes. These dies fix in place an end-part of a pipe prior to the flaring process. The main element of such tools is a drift punch. This mandrel is gradually pressed into the pipe, creating an angled flare, which is then used (in combination with respective fittings) to create a leak-proof joint. Such links have several advantages: they are easy to make and easy to replace. Mega Depot offers a wide selection of flaring tools as well as other supplementary tubing devices. Choose the best instrument for your specific application!