The COMPUTORQ instruments provide their users with data on the torque. Additionally, the devices combine torque and angle, enhancing the efficiency level. Moreover, they are equipped with the LED indicators, sound signal and handle vibration to let the user know that target torque is achieved. The electronic dial instrument by CDI is perfect for those who need a reliable device to get precise readings. It features three indicating lights and a buzz-signal. In addition, it is possible to turn the display 180 degrees to use the device with the left hand.

The quick set split beam tools by CDI have a measuring element that provides the user with precise readings and eliminates friction and wear.

The interchangeable head items allow ratcheting, fixed or open end torquing capacity.

Note that it is important to wear safety glasses when working with an instrument in order to avoid injuries.

CDI is committed to quality. Therefore, all its items undergo various tests in order to meet demanding present-day standards. The company incorporates state-of-the-art technologies to provide users with high-quality end products. Every item is designed to withstand rigorous use and serve its users for many years.

Be efficient with CDI!