Greenlee Knockout Punches

Why choose Greenlee? It has been the industry leader for several decades. Greenlee knockout punches are widely used by electricians, these are reliable instruments chosen by many professionals around the globe.

On Mega Depot, you can buy punches, punch kits, round knockout dies, hydraulic punch sleeves, draw studs, the list goes on.

On our website, you can also find an array of various kits. They usually include everything you need to get the job done. For example, a Stainless Punch Kit includes knockout punches of various sizes, a draw stud, an adapter, and a convenient case to store these tools and keep them in order.

There are punches suitable for use on mild steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic.  These are useful tools for various applications. Find the right product for you. 

NB Please follow the instructions and warnings when working with any instrument or piece of equipment. Thus, you will reduce the risk of personal injury and/or product damage.

With Greenlee knockout punches, you will enhance your productivity and save your precious time! Shop with Mega Depot and achieve your goals using dependable instruments and equipment!

Knockout Punches (Greenlee)
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